Captive Bred Day Gecko availability.


Spring 2011

Leaping Lizard Day Geckos is not a commercial reptile business.  We keep a large private collection of Phelsuma geckos. We more interested in preserving the species in captivity and solving the problems of the harder to keep Phelsuma.  We are interested in talking to serious, advanced keepers who have interest in working co-opertively with us.
Current co-operative Programs: P. barbouri, P. breviceps, P. cepediana, P inexpectata and P. ornata.  Keepers with these species in hand are welcome to inquire about working with us and other keepers.



Phelsuma barbouri Group #1&2 only (or Bloodline trade)



Phelsuma klemmeri (Neon day gecko)



Phelsuma breviceps



Phelsuma laticauda angularis (angulated day gecko)



Phelsuma standingi (standings day gecko blue phase)



P. inexpectata



Phelsuma cepediana (blue tailed day gecko)



Phelsuma robertmertensi (Robert Mertens day gecko)



Phelsuma ornata (ornate day gecko)

$175 pair


Phelsuma madagascariensis kochi (Kochís giant day gecko)



Phelsuma V-nigra pasteuri (Pasteurís day gecko)









Lepidodactylus lugubris (Morning gecko) parthenogenetic




m. f. j   Numbering legend:  m = males, f = females, j = juveniles undetermined sex

Please call or E-mail for availability as the gecko inventory changes daily. We accept US Money Orders, Checks, and PayPal online payment service.

Shipping Policy: We ship UPS Next Day Air, and USPS Express (where available), Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays when temperatures are between 45 deg. F and 90 deg. F along the entire shipping route. We do not ship during holiday weeks or during severe weather such as hurricanes, etc. Someone must be available in person at the location to accept the package otherwise we will delay shipment until someone is available. When all these standards are met live delivery is guaranteed.

Full payment due before shipment.  Down payments accepted when shipping may be delayed. We reserve the right to sell our geckos at our discretion. Our priority is the geckoís health and potential. Prices subject to change.

For a shipping estimate e-mail city and zip code.

To place an order please E-mail  or call (205)453-4696 Daygecko

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