Gecko Ranch captive bred Day Gecko's Source for captive-bred Geckos and supplies


 Blue Chameleon Ventures Top quality herp photography, guided ecotours to Madagascar, slide lectures, and select captive-bred reptiles.

Phelsuma Web and forum.  English and Dutch discussion and information on Phelsuma species


The Global Gecko Association and Gecko Listserve

Tropiflora Online lots of plants for the terrarium including sansevieria, bromeliads, orchids, and other native plants

 Frankie the Sulcata Website Information on Frankie and his world.

IG Phelsuma - Phelsuma interest group based in Germany (German language)

Geckos of the Southwestern United States Information and Gecko Forum

Autumn Lab - Dr. Kellar Autumn
Research focusing on physiology, biomechanics, and evolution of animal locomotion, and applications in the design of legged climbing robots and novel adhesives

Living Art Publishing
Publisher of high-quality turtle and tortoise, snake, spider, lizard, and crocodilian books

Herpetocultural Home Page Mike Pingleton's Herp site with lots of pictures.

Kingsnake.com Many listings of Herp dealers and related supplies