B.15 Parts

This page shows a Stanton B15 balance that I recently had shipped from England. The pictures can be used as an example of how NOT to ship a precision balance. The shipper:
Upper Killay
United Kingdom
assured me that he was experienced and would properly pack the scale for international shipping. After receiving the shipment, notifying him, and sending photos, he denied all responsibility and blamed the damage on the carrier.

Most of the scale was covered with 2 layers of single sided corrugated paper with a single layer of corrugated plastic covering the glass panels. Cardboard and plastic were directly taped to the painted surfaces with masking tape. There was no additional padding between the two thin layers of single ply cardboard and knobs, display window, feet, metal covers, etc.

Picture left: Shows the weight selection knobs protruding through the paper wrap. No padding here either.

Only a few items were individually wrapped to protect them during shipping. Even then they were just wedged inside the case against the glass. This included the heavy lamp power supply.

Picture above: Damage caused by the weight selection cover transferring the entire balance’s weight into the wood frame. No padding here either.

Picture left: Some of the well packed loose pieces that bounced around the inside of the case during shipment. The gold colored item with the gray arm against the newspaper wrapped power supply, is the main balance beam and optical scale.

Picture below: More loose parts that were bouncing around during shipment. The round metal ring is one of the precision weights stuck between the wood joints of the outer frame.

Sometime in the future I will hopefully have more pictures of the restored scale. It will definitely take a bit longer than expected. If you know of any spare parts available for this balance, please let me know. Especially weights and pan lifting pins like the ones in the photo to the left.