Stanton Instruments Ltd. B19 Analytical Balance

stfront stback

Above: front and back views of this large precision balance built by Stanton Instruments Ltd., London England. It has two sliding glass doors on the side and one large counterbalanced sliding front panel.

Left: It uses a short balance beam and Staudinger type knife edges.

Below: The bearings for stirrups and beams are made of agate. It uses two air displacement dampening pots to reduce oscillations.


The case measures 20 wide, by 20-3/4 high, and 12 deep not including the attached light box.
There are three weight change adjustment knobs which add or remove weights from the right side of the beam. Top knob 0.1 gram increments, middle knob 1 gram, and lower coaxial knob 10/100 gram increments.


Above: display optics on the back side of beam move to show current weight.
Right: Front display window for reading weight in milligrams, and balance position bubble.
Below: Homemade light projection box for projecting reading on front display.

stltsource sttopview

Left: Lower set of precision weights and lifting mechanism for placing them on the beam.

The plate that the beam sits on is made of 3/4 black obsidian glass and is very heavy. I had to replace the first surface mirrors in the optical path because the original mirrors had lost their silver mirror coating.

I am still looking for several small wire weights to replace the temporary ones that I have made. (two 0.2 g ring weights, one each 0.5 and 1.0 gram wire weights)

All Photographs on this page Copyright 1999 by Greg Christenson